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Lucy Saunders
4230 N. Oakland #178
Shorewood WI
53211 USA
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Grilling with Beer: Bastes, BBQ Sauces, Mops, Marinades and More

Published in October 2006, the cookbook offers 110 recipes, lavish color photography and reviews of some of the top beer and food festivals that feature grilling and BBQ, from around the globe.

So far, brewers are enjoying the celebration of community and many contributors. Here's a short review that ran in the Brewers Forum online newsletter last week:

I have just finished reading Lucy Saunders' new book Grilling with Beer, and as an enthusiastic carnivore and a brewer, I have to say that it was a mouth-watering read. spicy cider baste from GRILLING WITH BEERWhen I seriously got into grilling about ten years ago I bought several books on the subject and some of them were pretty informative, but most were pretty dry and none of them talked about beer. Beer is such a natural part of outdoor cooking that I can hardly imagine one without the other. Lucy's book has incorporated craft beer and food together - and more. As one would hope there are a good number of interesting recipes contributed by Lucy and many of our fellow brewers (some of who I know to be excellent cooks). There are dozens of good tips on grilling and smoking (for the novice and expert alike) and there are also nice write-ups on most of the organized beer and BBQ events in the US. Lucy had the great notion to get brewers and beer people to contribute their own special recipes, and this gives the book a greater depth and breadth than it might have had. I think that most of us brewer types are experimenters by nature and it shows in the recipes (I gotta try her recipe for Adobo Dark Lager with beef).

-from Fal Allen, head brewer, Archipelago Brewing Co. of Singapore and
former brewer at Pike Brewing in Seattle

My goal in writing the book was to introduce the flavors of craft beer into outdoor cooking, and encourage people to taste a variety of beer styles far more vast than many realize. The 110 recipes infused with the flavors of craft beer are grouped into ten chapters. The first five chapters cover sauces, rubs, marinades and other recipes that can be used on many ingredients and in many ways. The final five chapters cover specific foodstuffs or preparations, such as chicken, seafood and burgers.

Some of the recipes are original; others are contributed and are noted as such. All have been taste-tested in home kitchens, thanks to more than two dozen fans of craft beer cuisine.

Between chapters are profiles of popular festivals and events that feature craft beer and grilled or barbecued foods. Fests can highlight a specific style of beer, or the regional differences among craft brewers. They offer the fun of sampling many exotic styles of beer. Some, such as the Kona Brewers Festival, feature lots of different breweries from across North America. Others, such as the Harpoon Championships of New England Barbecue, feature lots of barbecue teams from around the region. And still others, such as the Park Hyatt’s Blues, Brews, and BBQ festival at Beaver Creek, Colorado, feature regional breweries and chefs from around the country. Thanks to contributors Anne Ausderau, Jay Brooks and Dan Rabin for their fest reviews.

The perfect drink for the smoky flavors of grilled foods and barbecue is craft beer. And with the spectrum of flavors now available from North American brewers, you’ll be delighted and surprised by the taste of craft beer as an ingredient in outdoor cookery! You can buy the book online through the Brewers Association webstore using a credit card, or by mail order, details below.

Printers: Hignell Book Company of Canada completed the color printing for the covered coil bound softcover cookbook.

Size : 5.5 X 8.5

ISBN 10 : 0-9769875-0-3

ISBN 13 : 978-0-9769875-0-5

Pages : 218

Price : $21.95

Published by F&B Communications, LLC.

Library of Congress Control Number : 2006907409

The retail price is $21.95, with a shipping fee of $5 per order, plus an additional $1 per extra book ordered. You may order it by check or money order, made payable to F&B Communications LLC, 4230 N. Oakland Ave., #178, Shorewood, Wisconsin, 53211. Call me with your questions or to order by phone (toll-free in the USA) 1-800-760-5998. Wholesale pricing available for breweries, pubs, gift shops, etc. Not sold on Amazon, to support independent retailers.

www.beercook.com, Copyright © 2008-2002, by Lucy Saunders. All rights reserved. Note copyright of authors and recipe contributors in bylines and prefaces. Fee required for reprints in any commercial media.

Reviewers may quote brief excerpts with attribution and links to page URL. Visitor privacy protected. Yes, I reply to email about beer and food (send text messages without attachments, please!).