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Lucy Saunders
4230 N. Oakland #178
Shorewood WI
53211 USA
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Fred Eckhardt, dean of beer styles, takes a tour of
West coast specialty cheese at Rogue's Flanders Pub in PDX

Learn about the 2002 tasting here - by PDF

Is there a Rogue in the house?

Plenty, all to hear Fred Eckhardt. More than 100 beer lovers packed the Rogue Flanders Pub for a tasting of West coast specialty cheeses, paired with Rogue ales and other brews.

"Universal compatibility," was the mantra Fred gave the crowd. Fred Eckhardt presides over the union of Rogue ales and specialty cheese, photo by Lucy Saunders"It's the marriage of lactobacillus with saccharomyces cervisiae tonight." What nuptial delights awaited?

Fred launched us with a snowy-white, fresh farmer's cheese made of goat's milk, by Alan Sprints, a chef and now brewer/owner of Hair of the Dog, matched with the quenching Rogue Kells lager. Mmm. Milky.

Deschutes' Pine Mountain pilsner followed, at a tangy 50 IBUs, paired with the buttery Bandon white aged Cheddar, from Bandon,OR. One of my favorite matches.

Normally, I'm not a fan of wheat ales (not malty enough for me), but the Half-a-weizen, partnered with a sprightly Juniper Grove Feta cheese, was delicious.

Yet nothing prepared me for the sumptuous nut flavor of the Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar, which made a sensuous partner with the Sally Jackson Chestnut semi-soft cheeses -- all three of them rendered with different milks (sheep, goat and cow). Jackson maintains her herds in Okanogan, WA.Rogue rep Mark Bulka grins and bears it - photo by Lucy Saunders

The Rogue Smoke and Sammish Bay Aged Gouda was the "love/hate" pairing of the evening. A few tasters winced, but more were wowed by the powerful smoke flavor that underscored the richness of the aged gouda.

Terminal Gravity IPA and a melting Hudson Valley Camembert, warmed gently and served with French baguettes, tumbled together on my tongue with pleasure.

A new dimension in cheesemaking comes with the washing of the rind. Whether using beer, wine, brandy or some brine, the microflora in the wash promotes a natural mold that enhances the aroma and taste. The Juniper Grove Tumelo Tomme, a washed-rind cheese, was my stinky love...

Yikes! Blame the potent Rogue Belgian 5000, paired with the tomme, for that last over-the-top declaration. Upon tasting its 7.4 percent ABV, the volume in the room went up noticeably.

Laura Zimmer passes the papayas at Rogue's Public House on Flanders Pub, photo by Lucy SaundersRogue Shakespeare Stout and the Point Reyes Blue made a tantalizing pair, playing with my tastebuds.

But it was the hot Bandon Jalapeno Jack cheese, standing up against the bold Hair of the Dog's Thor, that created all the gustatory tension of a shotgun wedding. Yowza. Who got who in that match?

So many people worked hard to portion all those unsliceable soft-ripened and sticky cheeses, and serve them, as well as refreshers such as pears, nectarines and papayas. Congrats to the Rogue Public House b for pulling it all off so well!

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