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Helen Smith, home beercook
Heart of the Valley Homebrewers, Corvallis, OR

Helen Smith writes a food column for the HOTV newsletter, and sent this note, with a great recipe:

I hail from New Orleans, Louisiana, and cooking has always been one of my favorite things to do. I am a musician and artist and cooking is such a creative activity, it just evolved into my life... If I had to cook the same thing all the time, then that would be a different story!!!.

As my children grew up and moved away, it became more of a hobby to experiment with recipes from everywhere and of course, cooking with wine is always a wonderful way to enhance delicious foods.... from there it was only a matter of being the wife of a homebrewer, Lee Smith.

I approached Kendall (Heart of the Valley Homebrewers) with the idea of having a recipe once a month in the newsletter that involved beer to make the issue more interesting, and he agreed if I would do it... so there started my quest for good recipes including beer.

Most of my favorite beer recipes involve meat, fowl or fish - from potroast to BBQ sauces - stews, etc. I like the less hoppy beers for cooking, even though some do call for Stout.

I've found that, unlike wine, if you reduce beer too much when deglazing, you can wind up with a bitter sauce - so its best to err on the side of caution and to use less hoppy beers!

In the potroast recipe, I just poured it onto the browned roast with other ingredients and simmered covered, so that was a different technique.

I've never cooked with Wort, but that would be an interesting thing to do...
However, I did at one time make some bread from the spent grain - and it was
heavy enough to use as a cannonball!!!. Wise thing to do would have been to
include about l/4 spent grain with some whole wheat or unbleached flour
which I will try next time Lee makes a batch.

Attached is my first one - we cooked this beer batter with shrimp and onion
rings as an entree with a salad and garlic bread. This is the BEST beer
batter I've ever used and it stays crisp a long time after cooking.

BEER BATTER* oil at 350º

Mix well:
l egg plus l egg white
12 oz beer

Whisk together:
l-3/4 cup flour--
l tsp baking powder
l tsp black pepper
l tsp cayenne pepper *
l tsp salt

* this is a very thin batter, similar to tempura

Dip raw veggies or seafood in batter -

Let excess drip off

Place in deep 350º cooking oil till golden brown.

* this seems like a lot, but it cooks away mostly so you have to use a lot. adjust to your taste

Bon Appetit --Helen Smith

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