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Better than a beer can:
Stainless Steel Roasting Roost by Jaime Fischer

Welded in 100% heavy stainless steel, these roasting roosts are better than a beer can. At last, craft beer lovers can enjoy the same juicy chicken promoted by grilling legends such as Steve Raichlen - prepared with beer styles beyond mass market lager.Inventor - welder Jaime Fischer makes roasting roosts that are better than a beer can - email him at  jfischer2@cox.net

Inventor and home beercook Jaime Fischer takes a whimsical approach to selling these welded wonders. "Are you allowed to have chickens where you live or do you have room for Texas?" his email note to me inquired.

These are designed to pour the beer or sauce or fruit juice into the tube, filling it almost full. Slide the cleaned cavity of a chicken, Cornish hen, or duck over the tube, until solidly perched on the roasting roost. Place this onto a disposable pie pan or cookie sheet, in your oven, grill, or smoker.

It is better than a beer can because it will not put aluminum into the food (beer cans are not treated for cooking). The wide base means that it won't tip over easily, and it just looks real neat in the grill or with the arsenal of BBQ tools! This unit is high quality stainless steel - the joint is a strong base metal weld (the tube and base are fused together). It cleans up very easily, even when the drippings are baked on at high heat.

Best of all, grill chefs can now baste their birds inside out, with craft beer only sold in bottles. I tried my first bird with Capital Brewery's Blonde Doppelbock - and what a juicy, tender treat it turned out to be! The heavy stainless steel conducts heat, too - so the five-pound chicken cooked on the grill in 40 minutes. Mr. Fischer is now working with a local company to mass-manufacture these wonders, soon to hit the market.

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