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BBQ brew chef - a note from Sam Healy of Austin, TX

     As I type, I can look up and out my window at my homemade "pit" smoking away while the beer baste mop simmers on the stove.  It is 7:30 pm on a Thursday night and I am one hour into a 20 hour overnight smoke (Brisket, Sausage - beer infused - and Fish will go in tomorrow) and it will all be ready for Friday Memorial Day happy hour picnic.

     My name is Sam Healey and I am a professional brewer here in Austin, Texas.  I have worked for several breweries in town and am about to start as the head brewer for a very small tap bar and brewery downtown.  Truthfully though, BBQ has taken over as my primary home hobby.  I certainly get plenty of Brewing hours at work.  I  am not sure I have any special recipe secrets for ya'll (not to say I am without a trick or two) but what I do have are wonderful pictures.  My smoker is home made, built from ceramic stones collected from the structure of the Live Oak Brewing Company.  Live Oak's building was originally an old meat plant and when the smoke houses were demolished I was able to rescue enough intact bricks for my BBQ Pit.  The bricks, with the aid of an attached brick firebox, a food locker door, and a roof with a chimney, came out looking fantastic.  The aesthetics are entirely by good fortune as we were absolute amateurs. 

chicken on a lone star throneAlso, I have a picture of a finished "Beer can Chicken," -aka. Chicken on a Throne- that is glorious.  It is slightly disturbing but the chicken is a beautiful BBQ color, hunching over, juices dripping over the deeply discolored Lone Star can upon which the bird was perched.

     My longwindedness is because I really love the BBQ pit culture.  It takes forever.  It brings people together.  It is largely based on 'cheap' cuts of meat. It goes great with beer in all aspects. And it is ageless.

....Even in the waning light, I can see my smoke is thinning.  I need to add a log. Good luck, Sam Healy, Austin, TX

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