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53211 USA
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  1. Rancho Martinez Beef Brisket -
  2. Matt's Cowboy Drunk Beans -
  3. Maple Ale Glazed Pork Loin -
  4. Big Beer & Beef Stew -
  5. Tsing Tao Laquered Quail - This dish is perfect for a summertime luncheon entree or appetizer at dinner. Serve each quail on individual plates atop either a mound of fresh salad greens or stir-fried vegetables.
  6. Raspberry Ale Chicken - A ripe-red brew to marinate the chicken gives it juicy, fruity flavors. Excellent served cold, too, sliced thin, on top of a spinach salad.
  7. Bay Area Brew Crew's Belgian Carbonnade - Yields about 5 gallons stew, but may be cut in half
  8. Frozen Mango Meringue -
  9. Rouladen with Root Vegetables and Smoked Pepper Bacon - Adapted from a recipe in COUNTRY LIVING, this rouladen gets a peppery bite from applewood smoked bacon, smeared with a thick crust of coarse ground pepper. Try it from www.nueskes.com.
  10. India Pale Ale Beef Jerky - Chewy and spicy, this jerky is better than store bought
  11. Grilled Pork Satay with IPA Peanut Sauce -
  12. Porter-Chili Paste Grilled Shrimp -
  13. Stout Soca -
  14. Raspberry Lambic Ice Cream - A refreshing end to any meal.
  15. Apricot Ale Frozen Custard - Try this with fresh berries or grilled apricot halves.
  16. Spicy Spiked Ice Cream -
  17. Pork Medallions with Oatmeal Stout - I adapted this recipe to use Oatmeal Stout, instead of Porter
  18. Caramelized Malt Clusters - Inspired by the Brewmasters Bar Snack from the Palace Kitchen, here are sweet nuggets of spent grain to sprinkle on your salads.
  19. Bacon Wrapped Fiery Shrimp - Homebrewer Canepa brought these fiery shrimp to a "hop luck" dinner at Tyranena Brewing Co. and says it was a hit. She thinks the marinade would work well on all kinds of kabobs.
  20. Honey Ale Creme Bars -
  21. Spicy Beer-Brined Pork Loin -

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