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  1. Beer- BBQ Sauce -
  3. Simple Beerbecue Sauce -
  4. Stout BBQ Sauce - Adapted from a recipe served at Philadelphia's La Terrasse, this sauce is rich with stout flavor. Grear uses Guinness Stout, but I tried this with Alaskan Smoked Porter instead, and omitted the liquid smoke flavoring to compensate. It worked well, too.
  5. Edmund Fitzgerald Porter Scallion Dressing - Can be used as a marinade as well as a salad dressing
  6. Coconut Lime Stout Marinade - Island spices such as allspice and Scotch bonnet peppers make this marinade rich and satisfying.
  7. Spinnakers Stout Marinade - a wonderful marinade with any toasty Imperial Stout - good with beef tenderloin
  8. Citrus Lager Marinade - Lovely with fish or chicken
  9. Orange Apricot Ale Sauce - Homebrewer Loren Verkovod tested this basting sauce on grilled mahi-mahi and both he and his wife liked it very well. Try it also on grilled chicken.
  10. Raspberry Amber Marinade - Inspired by tthe "shark stix" at Sunset Grill & Tap in Allson, MA, this marinade works well on shark, swordfish and chicken.
  11. Grilled Pork with Cherry Ale Mustard Glaze - Grill your chops with this easy basting sauce, also excellent on baked ham.
  12. Bacon Wrapped Fiery Shrimp - Homebrewer Canepa brought these fiery shrimp to a "hop luck" dinner at Tyranena Brewing Co. and says it was a hit. She thinks the marinade would work well on all kinds of kabobs.
  13. Bock and Bourbon BBQ Sauce -
  14. Coriander Ale Brine -
  15. Amber Tamarind Sauce -
  16. Poor Richard Molasses Marinade - This sweet and tangy marinade with slightly spicy overtones is best used to marinate wild game such as venison, wild boar, duck, etc. It also goes well with ham steaks, pork, and especially smoked pork chops.

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